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Support Options

Online Support for all Sentech provided products and services is available to customers via email. Every support request is answered within 24 hours with most problems being resolved within 8 hours.

Phone For Sentech managed services, such as web hosting, helpdesk, and network / system administration, we provide telephone support during normal business hours, and in some cases, 24/7.

On Site For personal consulting and installation services, we provide on site, next business day support.

Customer Support

Dependable support that is always available Depending on the services provided to your business, Sentech is cabable of offering a multitude of support options to best fit your budget and needs. Whether it is a simple email, or an emergency on site visit in the middle of the night, you can be assured that our support and response staff will have the knowledge, skills, and resources to resolve your issue rapidly and effectively.

Local resources No one likes to wait for an expert resource who has to fly in to support a client, especially when each minute of down time is lost revenue. To address this, we provide local personnel for all on site visits so that your issue can be handled quickly.

Completely customizable options No two businesses are the same. As such, we tailor our support to each client's specific requirements. You won't pay for unnecessary services and you will always have the exact level of service your business needs.